Monday, June 2, 2008

57: The Spiritual Combat - Ch. 53-58 & 60

Episode #57. Into the Deep: Another big chunk. The Most Terrible of all Weapons. Or... the Swedish Jesus. A Veggie Tales viking. Power in death, power over death. Barabbas means "son of the father" Vs. the True Son of the True Father. Going for the sword and power rather than God's power; power made perfect in weakness. Propagate the mystery of the Mystery. A better deal than the Apostles got. The Eucharist and spirituality. Ritualism which cancels the grace. Bad Thing. We get to choose because our favorite choice is to choose. Hasty generalizations. Rugged individualism: okay for running an economy, not so good as a way to get to heaven! Protecting the common good: Plato, Aristotle, St. Thomas... you know, those guys. Being the body of Christ, being built into the body of Christ, by the body of Christ! "We" (not "I") Receive the body of Christ to become the body of Christ. It's PUNISHMENT! Or... maybe it's healing? A book and a pair of scissors. Do we hide under a parachute, in a mysterious metaphysical way? Sacrilege. A tragedy. Jesus with skin on. Priests want to forget your confession - really! Driving to Jerome. Shutting up while one is ahead. Accidents, substances, and the close physical communion of the time immediately after receiving the Eucharist. Stunned into silence... we are, after all, Into the Deep. That's Right, and THE END.

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John 20

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Julie D. said...

I felt that I had to comment on the last part of the conversation about high-tailing it out of the church at the end of the Mass. While I do understand the problems that y'all are addressing, I also would caution against encouraging scrupulous behavior (you know, in that Church-ish, not-so-good scrupulous way).

The Church does have the Mass set up that way for a reason. The reason being that we are to then go and take Christ out into the world. I have read this in numerous places. Much akin to the Father in the Prodigal Son parable, we are to run to take Him with us to those who need him so.

Now, that is not to say that I see a lot of Christ-like behavior in the parking lot. However, I can say that I see a lot of people who might be making big differences with the people they encounter afterwards.

I also may be helped in this thinking by the fact that our congregation does not have to join in a sing-song during communion time. The choir provides music which, hopefully, helps contemplation before and after. Also, there is almost always someone in the back to whom the priest or deacon must take the Eucharist, which gives the last partakers of Communion ample time for contemplation. If we are all remembering not to fall into "habit" ... which can be done no matter what routine we follow.

Just a little food for thought there. :-)

Brent Brown said...

Hi Julie!

Always great to hear from you! Your comments are appreciated.

You bring up a point that I hadn't considered. Interesting....

I definitely concur that the end of Mass is a sending forth to share what we have received. But I'm not certain (and hadn't even considered) whether it is the Jesus in our collective tummies that we are to share, or if it is the life of God that is dwelling within us as a result of our reception of the Sacrament in a state of grace.

If the first case, it would make sense to run out of the Church like the Prodigal Son's father and share him with the world in that way, during the window of time where Jesus is Sacramentally present within our bodies

In the second case, I would think that it would make more sense to terry a while and pray (as possible in accordance with our state in life) so as to increase our disposition to accept the conversion offered from Him whom we have received. And in so doing, increase the efficacy of the Sacrament, grow more in holiness, and have that much more to share with the world.

Anyway... those are my immediate thoughts. Since Michael was the main speaker during that spot in the show, I'm sure he'll have some comments as well.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!