Saturday, July 26, 2008

59: The Spiritual Combat - Ch. 61-66

Episode #59.THE LAST SHOW ON SPIRITUAL COMBAT. Final Perseverance. Microwave culture. Repetition isn't always bad; sometimes it's good. Can't things be, if not good, at least not bad for too long? Living with reality. What is our first motion when we encounter difficulty - turning to God or becoming discouraged? Chronically trusting God. Muster up. The Sin of Presumption, I presume. Well, but I'm a good person, aren't I? Glory without merit. You know, there's not a lot of evidence that this guy made it. Does our "trying" flow into action? Forgiveness without conversion - not likely. Be prepared. Constitutive. First Commandment Christians and Second Commandment Christians. Contemplation precedes action. Always. D-Day is not the time for training. No one talks about the devil anymore. A glockenspiel for the end of the plague. Your deathbed is the wrong time for apologetic debates. The responsibility of a parent is to prepare their children for death - really, to make sure they get to heaven. A wreath of greenery, or unfading glory from God? Which will we choose? And in conclusion, my friends...

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Romans 8:28
Song of Songs


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Anonymous said...

OK guys, you've been silent since July. Any idea when your hiatus will be over?

Andy P.

Michael Lee said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the bump. We are producing new shows as I write. This summer was another time of transition for us. In the interim, we added a series of talks that I did on the Gospel of John. If you are not subscribed to the show, you would not have seen them. You can find them at

Our new series of podcasts should begin in the next couple of weeks. We will be discussing the Theological Virtues: faith, hope, and love.

Thanks for being a listener and caring enough to say something. Please forgive us for our inconsistency...

Andy P said...

Ah ha! Subscribe! Good idea...I should probably try doing that, huh?

Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas!

Andy P.

Julie D. said...

Hi guys,

Echoing the above plaintive question ... are you ever coming back? Or is it all over for Into the Deep? Seriously, yours is my favorite podcast about faith and I've missed it!

Brent said...

Thank you Julie! That means a lot to all three of us, as we are huge admirers of the work you do on Happy Catholic.

It has always been our intention to return. Actually no one is more surprised than us that it hasn't happened. I think that is the main reason for our (frankly inexcusable) lack of communication about our plans. It always seems that recording more shows is just around the corner, so we might as well wait until we have something to announce.

Our reasons for not recording are actually pretty good. None of us have been spending much time on the beach, sipping piña coladas, if ya know what I mean. :)

But we do need to make a decision soon and communicate it. That is only fair to the listeners. So... look for an announcement before the end of August (yes, August 2009 :-P).

Prayers would be appreciated! If God wants Into The Deep to continue, he's going to have a part a sea or two...

Thank you again Julie!